Flattr to Facebook

Wow … you know flattr? You dont? Here is the intro:

The idea is cool and it already works for a small community auf media producer and their dedicated audience. But the idea is still waiting for the big breaktrough. There is no mass adoption … yet.

If you compare a “Flattr-Button” with Facebooks “Like-Button” … can you see the similarity.

This was mentioned at the Not Safe For Work Podcast #27 and hell yeah … this could be big … and can change revenue models for many mirco businesses, artists and media producers.

Lets start with an assumption:

1% of Facebook users would pay 5 Dollar per month into a Flattr like Facebook system, this would already be over 25 Million Dollar eco system.

When clicking the Like-Button on a Facebook profile, website or a status message the user shares a part of his 5 Dollar with this site or person and supports what he likes and loves. Favorite Bands, organizations, tv series – artits in general – would start to gain a new revenue stream for their work.

What happens if I like a friends status message? This is where the social of Facebook kicks in. Its the “giving it forward” principal. Even if the friend is not part of the 1% of paying facebook users … he or she has now somethig to share with his like clicks. This way the money is distributed thru the system. Everybody who wants an outpayment of this stream system has to register and to prove that thats ok with local tax etc – Facebook can take a cut of this payout too.

Last question is:

Why would a user on facebook spend 5 Dollar a month this way?

I am not a sociologist, but people give all the time money to stuff they love and like. For example on the subway … one of hundert persons is giving the artist playing good music a dime. And if artits and producers can make money on facebook and pay their rent with it – hey they will get the system going. Flattr proved this already on the small scale.

Facebook would never be able to force their users to pay … but maybe there is a good reason to give money to facebook …. if they help to distribute it to the people that make our life more enjoyable.